About the School

1. General information

Founded in 1977, while AHUT was established, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering has gradually developed into a multi-disciplinary teaching and research group with extensive influence in the fields of electrical engineering, automatic control, etc. At present, the school has four departments, one division of the basic courses, and a lab center. Moreover, the school has 106 faculty members, including 25 professors and 31 associate professors. Among them, there are several Distinguished Professors and Academic Technology Leaders of Anhui province.

With 2 Key Disciplines at the Provincial Level, the school offers 5 bachelor programs, 2 academic master programs and 2 professional master programs. Currently, there are over 2000 undergraduate and 200 graduate students are pursuing their education in the school.

Up to now, the school has received over 100 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation, the Science and Technology Ministry, Ministry of Science and Technology, and industry, etc. The school has won over 50 substantial achievements, such as Scientific and Technical Awards at the Provincial and Ministerial Level, National patents, and more than 120 SCI/EI papers per year.

2. Introduction to Undergraduate Education

With the AHUT motto of “Advocating Solidarity, Seeking Truth, Working Hard, Pursuing Innovation”, the school have five bachelor programs, i.e. Automatic, Testing Technology and Instruments, Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Among them, the programs of Automatic, and Testing technology and instruments were graded by the Distinctive Program on the National Level.

The school pays attention to student cultivation, especially in the training of comprehensive quality and innovative consciousness. In the past few years, the students have won more than 40 awards in various disciplines and extracurricular competitions at national level, such as the National Challenge Cup Competition, the "Siemens Cup" China intelligent manufacturing challenge Competition, the "Freescale Cup" National smart car Competition, the National electronic design contest, etc.

3. Introduction to Scientific Research

The two academic master programs provides are the Electrical Engineering as well as the Control Science and Engineering, and professional master programs are the Electrical Engineering and the Control Engineering. Supported by two key disciplines at the Provincial Level, i.e., the Power Electronics and Power Drives as well as the Testing Technology and Automatic Device, The school has established a Key Lab of the Power Electronics and Motion Control, a Scientific Research Center of the Intelligence Control and Information Processing, an Electronics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center and a "Enterprise-Academics-Research" graduate student Union Cultivation Base of Anhui provincial.

In the past 5 years, the school has received over 40 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and industry, etc. The distinguished achievements have greatly contributed to the development of economics and the society. Moreover, the school has established good relationshio with many international enterprises. Several joint laboratories and engineering research centers research were built, such as the "Siemens Automatic Control on the Process Industries" Joint Laboratory, the "GE Intelligent Control System" Joint Laboratory.

Every year, the school sends faculty abroad for academic exchange, invites famous experts and professors for lectures. Currently, the school has 106 academic staff, which is mainly young, with reasonable structure and high academic level. The employment rate of graduate students is always 100%.

4. The School LOGO

The LOGO of the school is designed as "EI", while the E is derived from Electrical and the I from Information. The blue style of the E represents the aspiration that the Electrical and Information will lead the feature. The yellow style of the I represents the shining light of wisdom. Moreover, the "EI" looks like the symbols of the components and the switchers in the Electrical Engineering, which represents the rigorous research attitude of the school, and the huge aspirations of the students.  


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